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Donde Comen Dos, Comen Tres.


A Salida Productions and Raindance Co-Production.

Currently in development.

Written by Tom Keenan 

Directed by Ed Hughes.

Donde comen dos, comen tres, is a beautiful story set in Colombia about a father and son dealing with the loss of their wife and mother, who was the figure that bound them together. Without her, they must redefine themselves and their relationship. The son, Esteban, has a mixed identity, being both Afro-Colombian and British on his mother's side. He grew up on the coast of Colombia but then moved to Europe. The history with his father Carlos is complicated, and it is only through their coming to terms with her loss and the reconnection to the culture of food of the region where they live that they start to let go of their emotional barriers towards each other, Esteban re-connects with his Colombian identity and culture which he has pushed away for so long and they start to find a common ground and a new beginning to their relationship.

Please contact Salida Prtfor more details.

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